Dance a weekend to the musical selection of high-quality popular DJs:
Dora D’Istria, Goran Niksic, Horacio Godoy, Karin Betz, Stefan OK, Jaro Cesnik

Spend time with your tango friends and enjoy the charming and cosy atmosphere of the venue (400sqm swinging wooden dance floor) made by tango dancers for tango dancers

– gender-balanced –





(subject to slight changes)

THURSDAY, 27.09.

21:00h – 01:30h: Pre-Milonga – dancing with DJ Horacio Godoy

FRIDAY, 28.09.

18:00 – 20:00h: dancing with Tango Flores Team-DJ

20:00 – 21:30h: Dinner – music stops for 1h

21:00h – 03:30h: dancing with DJ Karin Betz

SATURDAY, 29.09.

12:15 – 14:15h: Breakfast

14:15 – 20:30h: dancing with DJ Dora D’Istria – VINYL PARTY

20:30 – 22:00h: Dinner – music stops for 1h

21:30h – 04:00h: Show of Horacio and Cecilia, dancing with DJ Stefan OK

SUNDAY, 30.09.

12:15 – 14:15h: Breakfast

14:15 – 20:00h: dancing with DJ Goran Niksic

You can find the schedule for the workshops with Horacio and Cecilia here


We would like to share all together with you breakfast and dinner in our studio.  The music will stop and you will have time to eat, chat and relax.

The dinner is a 3 course menu: Salads and bread, main dish with vegetable and side dish, dessert. For the main dish you can choose between vegetarian and meat during registration. The vegetarian main dish is also gluten-free and lactose-free.

During the milongas we will provide some light snacks, fruit, chocolate, water, coffee.