MAratango registration is open!

You would like to participate in the MAratango 2018 edition?
You can choose from the following options:

  • Marathon (dance, dance, dance) - all new registration for leaders and couples will be on short notice waiting list, for single women registration is closed!
  • Only workshop participation
  • Pre-Milonga

The pre-milonga is open for everyone. You don't have to register for it.

Prices are listed at the end of this page

If you have already registered and would like to add a workshop, please send us an email.

Registration form / Anmeldeformular

 I would like to register with a partner / Ich möchte mich mit einem Partner anmelden

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eligible for workshop discount* / berechtigt für Workshopermäßigung*:   yes / ja

your partner's personal data/ die daten deines partners

use the same adress for my partner / adresse für den partner übernehmen

role / rolle:   leader / führend follower / folgend

eligibel for workshop discount / berechtigt für Workshopermäßigung:   yes / ja


Marathon and workshops optionally - fully booked
Only workshops



select your meal preferences / wähle dein Essen aus

meat / fleisch vegetarian / vegetarisch


select your partner's meal preferences / wähle das Essen für deinen Partner aus

meat / fleisch vegetarian / vegetarisch

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If you do not wish to agree, please don't continue. / Falls du nicht einverstanden bist, fahre bitte nicht mit der Registrierung fort.


MARATHONMost Popular


per person
  • dancing from Thursday till Sunday (pre-milonga, marathon matinee and night milongas)
  • 3 courses dinner on Friday and Saturday evening, breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that the vegetarian main dish is gluten free and lactose free.
  • snacks, water, coffee, tea, fruit and chocolate during the marathon matinee and night milongas
  • the early bird price of EUR 120,- is valid for registrations till June 30, 2018. Starting July 1, 2018 the price for marathon package is EUR 130,- per person


starting from € 30,00

per person
  • 1 workshop: € 30,-
  • 2 workshops: € 56,-
  • 3 workshops: € 84,-
  • 4 workshops: € 112,-
  • 5 workshops: € 125,-
  • 6 workshops: € 150,-
  • 7 workshops: € 161,-
  • 8 workshops: € 184,-
  • Tango Flores class participants with “Tango Flores Karte” (2, 3, or 6 month validity) are eligible for a 10% discount on workshop fees.



per person
  • dancing on Thursday 9pm – 1:30am
  • open for everybody! no registration required for pre-milonga!