The registration for MAratango 2018 is closed!

We are looking forward to 4 wonderful days with all of you!

In some workshops there are still some places left. If you would like to participate, please send us an email or come to the registration desk once the marathon has started.

Please remember, registrations are binding to the person who registered.
We will not accept any unauthorized replacements. Starting Tuesday, September 25th, we will not accept any suggestions for last-minute replacements anymore. The registration office is closed and getting ready for MAratango.

MARATHONMost Popular


per person
  • dancing from Thursday till Sunday (pre-milonga, marathon matinee and night milongas)
  • 3 courses dinner on Friday and Saturday evening, breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday. Please note that the vegetarian main dish is gluten free and lactose free.
  • snacks, water, coffee, tea, fruit and chocolate during the marathon matinee and night milongas
  • the early bird price of EUR 120,- is valid for registrations till June 30, 2018. Starting July 1, 2018 the price for marathon package is EUR 130,- per person


starting from € 30,00

per person
  • 1 workshop: € 30,-
  • 2 workshops: € 56,-
  • 3 workshops: € 84,-
  • 4 workshops: € 112,-
  • 5 workshops: € 125,-
  • 6 workshops: € 150,-
  • 7 workshops: € 161,-
  • 8 workshops: € 184,-
  • Tango Flores class participants with “Tango Flores Karte” (2, 3, or 6 month validity) are eligible for a 10% discount on workshop fees.



per person
  • dancing on Thursday 9pm – 1:30am
  • open for everybody! no registration required for pre-milonga!

The terms and conditions and MAratango2018 Privacy Policy are applied which each participant agreed and acknowledged during registration./ Es gelten die AGB und die Verarbeitung und Verwendung personenbezogener Daten , denen jeder Teilnehmer während der Registrierung zugestimmt und eingewilligt hat.