The registration for MAratango will open on May1st, 2017 6pm!

Here you will find all registration infos for the next edition when the registration starts.

Registration rules for MAratango

We highly recommend to register with a partner!
Registration must be done via this website and valid personal data must be provided.
You will receive an automated email confirming your registration request. In case you don’t receive this email, check your SPAM folder and verify that you have provided a valid email address, please.
We will need 14 days to process your registration request. Then you will receive a notification if your place is confirmed or if you are on the waiting list.
First come, first served will NOT be applied for selection of participants. Participation will be granted based on gender, main dancing role, cities and countries.
The confirmation for participation is bound to the person who has registered. In case of cancellation, there is no refund of the registration fee.
A confirmed place cannot be transferred to another person without our authorization. If we grant the transfer of participation to another person, an administration fee of EUR 10,- has to be paid.
If you register as a couple, you must fill in the registration form selecting the couple registration option and provide your and your partner’s personal data.
It is not possible to change a couple registration to a single registration.
All single registrations will be put on the waiting list first. Confirmations will be sent to you as soon as enough counterparts register. If you have registered as a single and have found a potential partner in the meantime, you can change your registration to a couple registration as long as you or your new partner haven’t received a confirmation, yet. Please contact us in that case by email.
No tickets for sale at the entrance. There’s no box office!

MARATHONMost Popular


per person
  • dancing from Thursday till Sunday (pre-milonga, marathon matinee and night milongas)
  • 3 courses dinner on Friday and Saturday evening, breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday
  • snacks, water, coffee, tea, fruit and chocolate during the marathon matinee and night milongas


starting from € 30,00

per person
  • 1 workshop: € 30,-
  • 2 workshops: € 56,-
  • 3 workshops: € 84,-
  • 4 workshops: € 112,-
  • 5 workshops: € 125,-
  • 6 workshops: € 150,-
  • 7 workshops: € 161,-
  • 8 workshops: € 184,-
  • Tango Flores class participants with “Tango Flores Karte” (2, 3, or 6 month validity) are eligible for a 10% discount on workshop fees.



per person
  • dancing on Thursday 9pm – 1:30am
  • open for everybody! no registration required for pre-milonga!