Yoga for Tanguer@s

Marina, a passionate tanguera and yoga teacher, will offer you in the mornings an energizing Yoga class. The connection of breath and movement in a Yoga sequence specifically for Tanguer@s will help you release the stiffness after a long night of dancing. Your body will feel smooth and your mind awake – so you can start your dance day relaxed and full of energy!
Yoga für Tanguer@s is suitable for all Tanguer@s, even if you never did Yoga before.
We have a limited number of mats. If possible, bring your own Yoga/fitness mat or a blanket.

– Saturday 23.09. 11:45h – 12:45h
– Sunday 24.09. 11:45h – 12:45h

fee: EUR 5,- p.p. per session, to be paid on site in cash

workshop location: Hotel Corniche