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Mannheim – UNESCO City of Music

Mannheim is located more or less in the geographical middle of the EU, in the Rhein-Neckar metropol region. It’s at the crossing of major motorways connecting the North and South as well as East and West: Cologne – Freiburg, Saarbrücken – Nurnberg; everything within less than 250km distance. The Frankfurt international airport can be reached within just 30min by train.

Mannheim is called the city of the squares but why?

Mannheim’s streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern which is very unusual among German cities. In addition, the streets are named e.g. N1,1 almost like on a chess board.

What else should I know about Mannheim?

In the 18th century, it used to be the home of the famous “Mannheim school” of classical music composer and had the best court orchestra. The “Nationaltheater” is the oldest “stage” in Germany and today Mannheim is called Germany’s unofficial capital of music, hosting the pop academy which among others Xavier Naidoo has initiated.
End of 2014 Mannheim was entitled as City of Music by UNESCO.
Also, you should know that the first car was built by Karl Benz in Mannheim! If you come by car from the South you can drive along the Bertha Benz memorial route.
You should also not miss to try a famous local sweet called “Mannemer Dreck” which exists sinc 1822 and try local beer of course.
And yes, there’s a lot more to discover!

How to reach Mannheim

Coming by train is a very convenient way. Deutsche Bahn has regularly special offers and you can save a lot of money when you book your ticket early in advance.
From Paris or Zurich for example it only takes 3h to reach Mannheim.
A cheap but maybe not the fastest way is to travel by long distance busses. More and more companies are offering this service.
For example: travels between Frankfurt Airport and Mannheim for a few Euros if you book early in advance. Check out the others:
Another cheap option is to use the carpooling offerings from,, etc.
If your airline offers “Rail&Fly” tickets as well (cost usually ~30EUR), this is also a cheap option to get from the airport to Mannheim railway station. It may even make sense to e.g. fly to Cologne/Bonn airport if you get a very good deal and then take the train to Mannheim ( 2h transfer time)
Airports close to Mannheim are: Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), Frankfurt-Hahn(HHN), Stuttgart (STG), Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden(FKB)
Deutsche Bahn -> ~ 30 min transfer time by ICE (check special offerings and pre-book your ticket!) -> 60-90min transfer time (tickets starting from ONLY EUR 5,-!!!)
Hahn-Express/Holger Tours -> ~ 1,5h transfer time
Deutsche Bahn -> ~ 75 min transfer time (check special offerings and pre-book your ticket!)
Different long distance busses:






Infos will be published asap
Link to infos and timetable for local trams: VRN Fahrplanauskunft